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Garage Doors And Gates FAQ

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We gathered some frequently asked questions, regarding Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates, and regarding garage doors repair, maintenance, and installation. It is important to clear, that none of the information that appear in this page, can replace the opinion of a garage door contractor, that came to your place, inspect the door, and use he’s experience to maintain or to fix a broken garage door.


  • What areas does your company serve?
  • What kind of services does you company provide?

    Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates, offer same day repair service for garage doors and rolling gates from all makers. From commercial rolling gate in Williamsburg, to residential garage door in Sheepshead Bay NY, we can help.
    Below you can find a partial list of our service.

    • 24-7 garage door and rolling gate service.
    • Real person customer service.
    • Rolling gate maintenance service.
    • Garage door springs repair.
    • Rolling gate opener repair.
    • Garage doors maintenance/Tune Up.
    • Garage doors safety sensors repairs.
    • Out of track garage door repair.
    • Out of track rolling gate repair.
    • Garage door panel replacement.
    • Garage door opener repair.
    • Rolling gate slats replacement.
    • Garage Door Safety Cables Installation.
    • Garage doors Hinge replacement.
    • Noisy garage door repair.
    • Garage door lock installation.
    • Rolling gate installation.
    • And much more.




  • What is garage door maintenance?
    Garage door maintenance, or garage door tune up, is a service that every garage door should be provided with, at least every six months. The maintenance include lubrication of some of the garage doors parts, and tune up and adjustments to the garage doors parts. The garage door maintenance, is also an option to inspect the garage door and the parts of the garage door, for broken parts, loose parts, and for small tune ups that will improve the performance of the door, and that will try to guarantee that the door will continue to serve you just like every garage door should. We recommend that the maintenance, which is not a complicated job, will be done by a professional garage door contractor that can detect problems that you may miss.
    If you decided to do the tune by yourself, please make sure that you know exactly what you are doing, since not all the garage doors parts need to be lubricated, and lubricating of the wrong parts, may even damage the parts. Also, make sure that everybody in the house be aware that you are performing the maintenance, so none of them will try to use the door, while you are working.



  • What is rolling gate maintenance?

    Some people tend to ignore the need for a rolling gate maintenance. They assume that since the roiling gate has worked perfectly until today, why it shouldn’t work like that in the future. The thing is that just like your car need to be inspected and tuned once in a while, although you can still drive and use it, so is the rolling gate.
    A rolling gate maintenance will extend the life of the rolling gate parts, and help the gate to work in a smoother way. Ignoring the need for maintenance, can lead to a stuck rolling gate, and that can occur at the worst timing, and it will probably going to cost you much more time and money, than if you would of maintain the gate on time. Beside the greasing and the lubrication, a rolling gate maintenance is an opportunity for the rolling gate technician to check the rolling gate and locate broken parts, or parts that need to be replaced.
    Again, although a rolling gate maintenance isn’t a complicated process, we recommend that it will be performed by a rolling gate technician that will make sure that the gate is safe to use, and that it will continue to operate for many years.


  • How to fix a broken spring?

    The springs of the garage doors, whether it is a torsion spring or extension springs, are under a lot of tension, and should only be repaired or replace by a professional garage door technician. Note that not every spring will fit every garage door! If you use the wrong spring for your garage door, not only that the door is not going to work in a prefect way, it can even be dangerous, to you and to people who come near the door. The spring system is calculated in a way that every garage door should work with the right spring for it.
    If your garage door is working using an extension spring system, it is important to make sure that there are safety cables installed. The reason for the safety cables installation, is to try and eliminate, or minimize the damage that a broken spring, which is under a lot of tension can cause. If your spring is broken, ask the technician who came to replace it to install safety cables, which is not a complicated work, but that can protect the people or the objects which are located near the door.

    Please pay attention! A garage door spring can be dangerous. Do not attempt to try to do it yourself


  • How to fix a broken opener?

    The garage door opener is the engine that help the garage door open and close in an automatic way. The key to a reliable garage door opener, include few things: the right garage door opener for the garage door, in terms of power and size, a high quality garage door opener from a leading openers manufactures, and a professional installation. Once you get those 3 things, your garage door opener should serve you for many years with zero problems (as long as the garage door is being maintained on time).

    Fixing a broken garage door opener is not an easy work, and should be done by a professional garage door tech, that understand the way the operator work, can locate the problem, and that can make sure that the problem will not repeat itself. There are many reasons, that can cause a garage door opener that does not work, and a good garage door tech can repair this problem, and bring the garage door back on track, and the opener to an operable condition.
    An important thing, that not everybody are of, is that (by federal law) every automated garage door, should have a safety feature, such as safety sensors, that should protect people or objects who crosses the path of the garage door while it is in move. Please pay attention, that the safety feature is just a backup, and you must always make sure that there is nothing at the garage door path.
    From belt drive, to chain drive opener, our garage door tech can help you, all you need to do is to contact Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates, and get your garage door opener repaired today.


  • Which garage door to install?

    There are many different garage doors, from different garage doors makers, and that different from each other in the shape, the color, and the material that they are made of.
    When you are to install a new garage door or replacing an old one, you probably ask yourself – Which garage door do I need? The answer to this questions, is depend on many variables that change from one garage door to another, and from one person to another: Do you need an opener? How often are you going to use the garage door? Where do you live? What is the purpose of the garage door? And many more questions. But there is one thing that no matter what door you need, should be answered with a “yes” – Do I need a high quality garage door?
    A good garage door, that was installed by a professional garage door tech, and that was built by a high quality garage door manufacture, should serve you with no problems for many years. You do not want a garage door that after five to ten years will need to be replaced. That is why we suggest to you to always buy and install a high quality garage door, that will serve you with no problems, and that will open and close whenever you are going to need it.


  • What are your operating hours?
    We offer 24/7 emergency repair service for garage doors and rolling gates in Brooklyn NY. We know that not once, it seems like the rolling gate stopped working and got stuck at the worst timing. But no need to worry, we will be there for you no matter what time or what day.


  • Do you fix commercial garage doors?
    .Yes, we repair and install commercial garage door in Brooklyn NY. We also offer a maintenance service for commercial garage doors in Brooklyn. It is important for us to be there for our customers whenever they need us, and we know that it is important for you to get your commercial garage door back on track ASAP. Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates proudly offer emergency commercial garage door repair in Brooklyn, so you know that we will always be there for all our customers.


  • Do you offer Locksmith services?

    Yes, we offer locksmith service in Brooklyn, including car lockout, door locksmith service, broken key replacement, and more. If you need a locksmith service in Brooklyn, all you need to do is to contact us, and we will send someone to assist you ASAP. Due to the nature of our services, we offer 24-7 emergency locksmith service in Brooklyn.


  • What kind of discount do you offer?

    We offer garage door coupons for garage doors repair and installation in Brooklyn. From broken garage door spring repair, to new garage door installation, take a look at our coupons page, and find the right coupon for your next garage door project.
    Summer special - garage door tune up package, which include: Garage door lubrication, 8 rollers replacement, opener adjustment, spring adjustment, and general inspection. Contact us for more information.

  • Garage Door Safety
    We are used to a garage door that open and closes whenever we need it, although we don’t fully understand the mechanism of the garage door, and the way it working. You should know that a garage door can be dangerous. If your garage door is stuck, making strange noise, having a broken spring, out of track, or any other problem that stop the door from working, you should stop using the door, and contact a garage door company in Brooklyn. If you will insist and keep trying to use the door, not only that you will probably make a bigger damage, a broken garage door can be dangerous and can lead to serious injuries.