Overhead Door Repair Brooklyn NY

Overhead Door Repair Brooklyn NY

Having trouble opening and closing your overhead garage door in Brooklyn? Your overhead door is stuck, and you can’t use it? Seems like it is time to contact Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates, and sooner is better. Since if your garage door is “half” working, it is only a matter of time before it will stop working completely, but then the damage will probably be bigger, and the repair will probably cost more, and for sure will take longer.
We can fix all kinds of overhead garage doors, including commercial overhead garage doors, residential garage doors, automated garage doors, roll up doors, rolling doors and more. If you are not sure if we will be able to fix it, then think again! No overhead garage door project is too simple or too complicated for us. During years of repair and installation in the overhead doors field, we are proud to say that there was never a problem we couldn’t repair.

Broken Overhead Garage Door

As simple as the garage door operating is, overhead garage door can get stuck, impaired, or went out of track. But there are few things you can do, in order to maintain a working garage door: Always make sure that there are no objects at the path of the garage door, if there is something wrong with the door, stop using it until it will be repaired, and above all, make sure that the overhead door is being maintained and tuned at least every 6 months. Do not try to fix the garage door yourself, a garage door can be dangerous, and should be fixed by a professional overhead door technician.

Overhead Garage Door Operator

An automated overhead door can sometime stop working. There are many reasons that can cause a stuck garage door, and the operator isn’t always the reason for the problem. Many times, the safety system that come with the garage door operator is the reason for the problem. If one of the lights of the garage door sensors (located at the bottom on each side of the entrance) is blinking (red or green), then probably you have a problem with the safety sensors – something is blocking the laser beam, or one of them is not placed right, or even one of the wires is disconnected or damaged. Sometime the opener limits are off, and that leading to an overhead door that doesn’t open or close all the way. Fixing that is a simple job that can be done by any garage door repairman in Brooklyn.

Commercial Overhead Door Brooklyn

Overhead Garage Door Spring Repair

The overhead door spring system is the force that lift the door, balance it, and make the overhead door seem lighter than it really is and easier to be used. And since they are under a lot of tension - by carrying the weight of the door – a garage door spring can be dangerous. No matter if your overhead garage door is working with torsion springs, or with an extension springs system, they should be replaced by a professional garage door technician only.
If one of the springs broke (sometime followed by a loud noise), the door may still be useable, but continue to use the door will be a mistake, and is also dangerous! If you won’t stop using the overhead door although it has a broken spring, you will cause a bigger damage, and you will put yourself, and other people who use the door in risk. All you need to do to get your overhead door fixed, is to contact an overhead garage door contractor in Brooklyn NY that will come to your place and replace the broken spring.

Overhead Garage Door And Safety

We are used to an overhead garage door that serve us on a daily basis, and that open and close whenever we need it to. But what some of us don’t know, is that a garage door can be dangerous, and can lead to serious injuries and even death. We recommend that any overhead garage door will not be used, if there is something wrong with it, and it should be inspected by a professional garage door tech in Brooklyn, that will inspect the door, repair or replace the broken parts, and make sure that the garage door is safe to use.


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