Garage Door Safety

Garage Door Safety

If you think about it, your garage door is probably the largest moving object in your house, and as such, it can be dangerous when it is being used in a wrong way. We are used to a garage door which open and close whenever we need it to, and which work in a perfect way.
We believe that every garage door should work like that, and with the proper maintenance, there is no reason why it shouldn’t. But, and this is the important part about the garage door safety, if there is something wrong with the way your garage door is working, or if your garage door is making strange noises, or if the garage door is not working in the smooth way it used to work, you better contact a garage door company in Brooklyn New York, to come and inspect the door.
Many times, the repair is basic, such a broken sensor, or a garage door which need to be lubricated, but not once, the problem is much more serious such as a broken spring or a snapped cable, and the require a bigger repair, but more important – can be dangerous, and we would like to explain.

My garage door was hit by a car

If your garage door was hit by a car, which can lead to a broken panel or an out of track garage door, we recommend you to avoid trying to use the garage door, and to contact a garage door technician. Even if it seem to you, that all you need to do is to push the garage door back on track, we advise you not to. When a garage door is being hit by a car, it can affect many parts in the garage door mechanism, which can lead to a damage that can only be detected by a trained garage door repairman.

My garage door is making strong noises

If your garage door started making noises whenever you use it, it probably mean that you ignored the need for maintenance, and did not lubricate your garage door for a long time. But it can also mean that there is a bigger damage (such as broken spring, pulley, roller, or any other problem). But although the garage door is making noises just for lack of maintenance, we recommend you to face the problem and contact a garage door contractor which will come and repair it. From our experience, ignoring a problem does not make it go away, but only lead to a bigger problem and a repair which will cost more.

Garage Door Spring

We would like to say it clearly: Using a garage door with a broken spring is not safe, and can lead to a bigger damage, but above that, it can be deadly. The garage door spring is the force which make it easy to open the door, and which balance and protect the garage door from crashing when it is closing. When the spring break, the garage door can be too heavy for one spring, which now carrying a double weight, and in case it will also break, there won’t be anything to hold the door from crashing into the ground. If your garage door spring broke, no matter if it is a garage door Bay Ridge, or a garage door Brooklyn, stop using the garage door, and contact a garage door repairman to come and fix or replace the broken spring.

Safety cables

If your garage door is equipped with extension spring system, it should also include safety cables. If you are not sure if there are such cables installed in your springs, go to your garage door and look at the springs. If you do have safety cables installed, you should see a metal wire which is threaded from one side of the spring, and coming out from the other side (do not mistake to think the cables which are connected to the pulleys as safety cables). The safety cables are not essential for the garage door to work properly, but they are essential for a safe use of the garage door. The safety cables are installed in case one of the springs will break, and they will protect the door, the people or any other object in your garage from getting hurt by the broken spring.

Garage Door Motor

When it comes to garage door motor safety, the answer is very simple – It is a federal law, that every motorized garage door should include safety feature (such as the safety sensors), which protect objects or people in case the will be located at the door’s path while it is moving.
If you own an automated garage door, you will notice the safety sensors installed on each side of the garage door, close to the ground. The safety sensors should face each other, and should signal the garage door motor, in case something or someone will be located at the garage door path while it is closing. When something is located at the garage door path, the garage door opener will stop the moving door, and reverse it, and by doing that, it will protect the object from being hit by the garage door.

Maintenance and safety

Besides improving the way your garage door is working, and besides protecting the garage door parts, the garage door maintenance is a chance to inspect the garage door in terms of safety. When you maintain your garage door, or if you called a garage door supplier in New York to do the maintenance for you, make sure that it include a safety check, which will insure that the door is safe for use. To read more about the maintenance process, click here.


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