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Genie Garage Opener Brooklyn

Most residential overhead doors in Brooklyn are motor driven. The electric motor (electric opener) make it easier to open and close the door to the garage, and when a key-less entry key pad is installed, you can get in and out of the garage with no keys. Mostly you will find one of the two most popular garage door opener brands in Brooklyn are Liftmaster opener and Genie opener. In this article we will go over the different features of the Genie openers, and some solutions to some Genie opener troubleshooting.
This article cannot replace the opinion and the experience of a professional garage doors technician. If there is something wrong with the door, with the way the door is moving, or if you can’t tell what the issue is, you should call a local garage doors vendor in New York who can deal with a broken garage door. As we always say: What might seem to you as issue with the garage door opener, sometime turn to be something else such as a problem with the door itself such as an issue with the door’s mechanism, such as broken spring or a cable that snapped.
Every time we open the garage door using the electric opener - and it doesn’t matter if it is a Genie garage operator or Liftmaster garage opener, commercial or residential roller door - we taking it for granted that we can control the door from distance using the remote control or the key-less entry pad, and in our day even from a smartphone. Now when if you search online for roller door motors installers in Brooklyn, you will find that there are many suppliers who offer “the best garage opener in New York”, and who promise that the opener they offer is the strongest and the most reliable one. Different garage doors suppliers have different opinions, and while a garage door supplier in Brooklyn will tell you that he believe that the garage home opener made by Genie is the best garage opener, another garage door supplier might tell you that he believe that it is actually the garage openers made by Liftmaster is the best garage opener for homes in New York.
Our article isn’t about which garage opener is the best garage opener in the American Market. Our article is about the Genie roller door motor, the advantages, how reliable it is, and the ways to install and troubleshoot a garage opener manufactured by Genie. Brooklyn Garage Doors Gates wrote another article about Liftmaster garage openers that you can check out in case you would like to compare between the 2 different brands and choose the right garage opener for you.

Genie garage opener Brooklyn

Where can I buy Genie garage operator in Brooklyn?

There are many different places where you can purchase roller door motor made by Genie. You can find it online, you can find it at home depot, Sears, Lowe’s and others. If you are planning to install the new garage opener by “do-it-yourself” (DIY), you can purchase the right opener from any of them. But if you are planning to hire a local rollup door vendor in Brooklyn, you might want to consider purchasing the opener straight from the supplier.
In case you are wondering why it is better to purchase Genie garage operator from the same company that will install the Genie opener for you, we can tell you that in terms of warranty, it is better to have everything in one place. So if something goes wrong, the installer will not be able to blame the Genie garage operator since he is the one who supplied and install the opener.

Which type of Genie garage motor to install?

There are few types of Genie garage operators: The Belt drive, the chain drive and the screw drive. And the opener you will choose to install depend on few things such as: Who will do the installation? And how much the noise level of the opener matter to you. For example: If you are looking to install the new Genie opener by yourself (DIY), you might want to purchase the screw drive Genie opener, which is considered relatively easy to install. If you are planning to hire a local garage doors installer in Brooklyn NY for the installation, the chain or the belt drive openers made by Genie will be a great option. And if you are wondering which Genie garage operator is the best for you, you can check out this article about garage openers types that explain the differences between the types of openers that can be found in New York.
In general, we will tell you that the belt drive opener made by Genie is considered quiet and reliable, and although might cost little more, it definitely worth the investment since their life cycle for residential garage doors in Brooklyn can go above 20 years when well maintained and properly used.

Genie garage opener

Genie garage operator installation Brooklyn

There are couple ways to get a new Genie garage operator installed: You can either do it yourself (Or hire the local handyman to install the Genie opener for you, or to hire a local garage doors company in Brooklyn NY to do the installation for you. And since a new opener installment shouldn’t be done more than once every 10 years or more (When installing a high quality garage opener such as Genie opener), Brooklyn Garage Doors Gates highly recommend hiring a qualified garage doors technician who can supply and match the right opener for you garage door, and who has the tools as well as the knowledge and experience to perform a professional installation. If you would like to install the Genie garage operator by yourself, you can watch the Video bellow and follow the steps on the tutorial that teach how to install a new Genie garage operator by do it yourself.

All Genie garage operators comes with user manual. Follow the instructions in order to get the best of your Genie opener, and do not ignore the safety guidelines. And under no circumstances: Do not install the electric opener without a safety component. Genie opener or Liftmaster opener, every automated garage door in the US must include a safety feature.

Accessories for Genie garage operator

The conventional kit of Genie Garage doors openers include few accessories that come with the operator. Here is a list of components and their use:
Wireless key-less entry: The wireless key pad is mounted to the wall right next to the garage, and it allow keyless opening of the door. They are a great solution for people who want to be able to access the garage (Or the house in case the garage is attached without a key, simply by using 4 digits code that can be choose at the installation of new Genie garage operator. If you are not sure what the keypad is, look at one of the garages in your neighborhood in Brooklyn and you will see in most of them a keypad mounted to the wall at the entrance to the garage.
Remote Control: This is the most popular way to open and close the door to the garage. The Genie remotes (Clickers) are relatively small, and can be carried in the pocket or inside the car. They rarely break and all you will need to do is to replace their battery every certain amount of time.
Wall-switch: The Genie wall switch is installed inside the garage, at a location from which you will be able to see the entrance to the garage. It allow you to open and close the door without the remote, to control the way the Genie opener behave (In some models), and to troubleshoot the door in case something went wrong.

Safety Feature: This is the time to tell you that every garage opener should include a safety feature. The safety reversing system can come in different shapes such as the laser safety sensors or the safety edge. But no matter which one you will choose, it must be included in the installation! Whether it is a roller door motor in Brooklyn, or roller door motor installation Staten Island, a safety feature should be installed at the time of the installation. And not only to be installed, the safety feature should be installed properly according to the safety guidelines.
You might wonder why you must include a safety feature for every automated garage door in New York, and we have 2 answers to that:

  1. Since it is the law: There is a federal law that require that every automated garage door will include a safety feature. It is illegal to install the electric overhead door operator with no safety feature.
  2. This is for your own safety. Simply imagine closing door when there is something bellow it. We assume we do not need to go farther with that description and what can happen. It might be your car, your pet or any other object that might place at the door’s path. It can end with tragedy, and the safety sensors can prevent it from happening.

Genie opener troubleshooting

Safety sensor light is blinking

Genie safety feature troubleshooting: As we explained earlier, every automated roller door, whether it is equipped with Genie garage opener or not must include a safety feature. A flashing “Safe T Beam LED” indicator means a malfunction has occurred and it need to be addressed in order for the opener to operate safely again. The first thing you should do is to make sure that there is no dirt covering the lenses. Second, check if the wire is damaged, cut or disconnected. If the LED indicator continues to flash, although you checked and seemed like everything is in place, see your owner's manual for a list of possible causes or contact a local garage door repairer in Brooklyn NY who will come and fix the issue for you.

Genie garage opener Brooklyn

Automated roller door isn’t closing all the way

 If the door is closing part of the way, and then reverse to open position (Unlike garage doors that close partly and stuck in the middle). Check for and clear any obstructions at the door’s path. If there is nothing at the door’s path, check to see if the laser sensors are working properly. If there is a blinking light, see the paragraph above for troubleshoot. If the issue continue, hire a local expert to fix it.

Genie Garage Door Parts

When there is something wrong with your Genie operator, one might assume that purchasing the part and installing it can be the solution, but the truth is that repairing the broken motor is not always the right decision, and sometime replacing the whole unit might be the best solution. Each case is different, and require different solutions. Parts for garage door opener (And for other garage door parts) can be purchased at the local garage door vendor’s store, or online. Some can even be found at the local home depot. You will need the model number in order to make sure you will get the right part for the opener.
If you need a new remote control or if the key pad is not working, first try taking out the old battery and install a new one. It might solve the problem for you.

Why Genie opener running, but the door is not moving?

This might be one of the simplest issues to solve, and for that you do not need to use the services of garage door company in Brooklyn to come and repair it for you. Your garage door might got disconnected from the opener. Check that the emergency-release cord has not been pulled. If indeed this is the reason why the opener is running but the door isn’t moving, you will need to reengage the carriage. The method to reengage the carriage depends on the model of roller door motor you own. See your owner's manual for more details, or watch a DIY tutorial on how to engage Genie garage operator.

Brooklyn Garage Doors Gates offer same day service for Genie Openers. Whether you need new Genie opener installation, or service the existing Genie opener, get in touch with us today for same day service in Brooklyn. We are ready for any king of garage door and roller doors services. You might be looking for a commercial rolling gate repair service, or for installment of new overhead door for a private home, we are here for you. Get in touch with us for same day service.

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