Good contractor in Brooklyn

How to find a good contractor

By Brooklyn Garage Doors & Gates

One of the questions that many of us may face at least once during their adult life is: “How to find a good contractor”? Whether you look for someone to paint your bedroom, or to build a whole new floor, everyone would like to find someone they can trust to do the job on time, and for a fair price. The problem start when we just choose a randomly, and put our trust in that person, just to find during, or by the end of the project, that we see things in a different way.

Word to mouth recommendation

One of the options we can use, in order to minimize the chance of choosing the wrong contractor, is simple to ask. We know people, who know people, who may have used the services of a contractor. If you can get recommendations from someone you know and trust, then you are half way to find the right contractor for you project. The other half way is to meet with the contractor, “feel” him. And get a quote to perform the project.

The power of online reviews

In our days, the online reviews have become a very powerful tool, in helping people making the right choices, when deciding to hire a contractor. People learned to use the reviews, and get an idea about the experience people had with a certain business. There are many recommended websites, which offer you reviews about a certain business, and one of the most respected one of them is YELP, which offer a ranking system between 1-5 stars, and which promise us that they all they can to make sure that only “real” and “authentic” reviews will be published, and the rest will be filtered out, and will not be calculated in the general score.

Use your instincts

When we meet a person, whether it is a contractor, a Bank teller, or a policeman, we usually get some vibe from them, which make us feel their energy. This feeling aren’t 100% accurate, and can sometime mislead us, but they play an important role in our decisions. You can use those feelings when coming to choose a contractor in Brooklyn. Especially when it comes to big projects, which require you to work and meet the contractor on a daily base, and the chemistry between you and him play a big role.

Meet with more than one contractor

Whether you need a garage door repair, fence repair in Brooklyn, or someone to build for you furniture’s from Ikea, there is always more than one option. If you are not sure, it is always good to hear few opinions, and get more information regarding the project and the cost. You will learn that with every contractor you met, you learned more about the job, and you will see that there are many points of view and ways to perform a project.

The price

We would like to make it clear right now, and this is our opinion and the way we see things after many years in the garage door field – The cheapest offer isn’t always the best one! Everybody would like to save money, but not once, the cheapest contractor turn to be the most expensive one. For example: We were asked to submit an estimate for a new commercial garage door in Brooklyn, we submitted our estimate, and we were told that another garage door company estimated the project 40% cheaper than our estimate. Of course that no one want to be considered as one who charge high prices, so apologized, and said that we can’t compare the offer. A month later we got a call form the company who chose another contractor to do the installation, saying that the other company started the installation but could not complete the project, and that they would like us to perform the installation. The lesson is – the money is not the most important part, but a reliable and professional contractor can sometime worth you a lot of money.

Do it yourself (DIY)

Today, when you can find online explanations for almost every project, the “do it yourself” option become more and relevant. Yes, not everyone can perform every project, but we believe that with a strong will, and some ambition, you can do basic projects such as garage door maintenance, or painting a house by yourself. A quick search on You Tube, will reveal hundreds of DIY Videos, which will help you learn how to do the project by yourself.
But before you decide to do it yourself, it is important to clear that no 2 projects are identical, and you will probably face difficulties that weren’t explained online. For example, we once got a call from a customer in Brooklyn, who tried to replace torsion spring by himself, after watching a video which explain how to repair a garage door, The problem was that he’s garage door was a “low headroom” and required different methods from those explained on the Video, and if he wasn’t carful enough, he could get himself seriously injured.

Good contractor in Brooklyn

Good contractor in Brooklyn

A quick search on Google, reveal endless options when it comes to find a good contractor in Brooklyn. So sit back, relax, and decide which one of the contractors is someone that you feel confident to choose as the right contractor for your next project. And remember, there are more than one contractor, so you can find the one that will see the things the way you want, and that will give you a fair return for your money. To read more, you can read an article written by Matalonco Garage Doors, that will help you to find a good contractor.

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