Garage Door Repair Brooklyn NY

Garage Door Repair Brooklyn NY

By Brooklyn Garage Doors & Gates

A broken garage door does not mean that it is time to get a new garage door. There are many possibilities that can lead to a garage door that does not work smoothly: from a broken spring, through a garage door opener problem, to a broken panel; we can help!

Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates specialize in all kinds of garage door repair in Brooklyn NY. Whether you need a residential garage door repair, or a commercial garage door, you got to the right place. Our garage door company in Brooklyn, have years of experience at the garage doors repair field. All our technicians are licensed and professional, and will always do the best they can to provide you with the best garage door service, like they did many times before.

Fix Broken Garage Door In Brooklyn

We, at Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates, believe that a good garage door repair job start from understanding the problem, and the cause to it. Every garage door, that was correctly installed, by a professional garage doors technicians, using the best garage door parts, whether it is a new garage door in Bay Ridge New York, or a garage door repair in Staten Island, should work perfectly for years, as long a maintenance job was performed about every 6 months. So in order to avoid problems with the smooth way every garage door should work, we recommend to perform a maintenance job every 6 months.
If you think that your garage door in Brooklyn may have a problem, and you are not sure about it, please call us, and we will be happy to assist you free of charge. Do not ignore the problem, even if it is only a noisy garage door, a small problem will always grow to a bigger one, and the garage door repair that you will eventually need will cost you much more time and money.

Fix Garage Doors in Brooklyn

So if you have a garage door in Brooklyn that need a repair, and you are looking for a reliable garage door company, look no farther! Call us, and we will do our best to provide you with the service that made us so famous.

From commercial garage door repair, to residential garage door replacement, you got to the right place. After years of experience in the garage door repair field, we are proud to say that there is no garage door project which is too small or too big for us. Our team of garage doors technicians have successfully performed hundreds of garage door repair in Brooklyn, and will always do their best, providing you the best repair service, and always for a fair price!

Broken Spring Repair Brooklyn

Please know, that a broken garage door spring is dangerous, and a garage door with a broken spring – whether it is a torsion spring system, or extension spring system, should not be used. We fix broken overhead doors springs. We have the knowledge and the experience to fit the right spring for the right garage door. We also install safety cables for extension springs. Those cables are there in case one of the garage door springs will break. In that case, the safety cables will try to minimize the damage that a broken spring, which is under a lot of tension can cause.
You should know that not every garage door spring will fit any garage door. Many calculations were made, to fit the right spring for the overhead door, and using the wrong spring will end with a door that doesn’t work, and can even be dangerous. Whether it is a garage door in Brooklyn New York, or a broken garage door spring repair near Staten Island New York, stop using the door until a garage door tech will replace the broken spring.

garage door spring repair

Garage door motor repair Brooklyn

If your garage door is automated, and your garage door motor (Opener) is not working like it used to work, it does not always meant that the reason for that is a problem with the opener. As we explained in this article, the most lifting and lowering power is not coming from the opener but from the spring system. If one of the springs is broken, lose, or not adjust, it mean that the spring system isn’t doing its part in the lifting, and the opener need to do the garage door lifting instead of the damages spring, and that what make it seem like the problem is coming from the opener.
But that is only option. One more option is that you have a problem with the garage door sensors, which make the door stop when it is closing, and reverse to open position, as you can read in our FAQ, page, there are few options for sensors problems, and few solutions for them.
And eventually, there is always the option that the problem is coming from the motor itself. Now the big question which we are facing not once during our garage door service in Brooklyn is – “should I repair the motor, or should I replace it”? The answer for that depend on many parameters, which you can find our article about garage door motor in Brooklyn.




Garage door repair Brooklyn New York

Are you planning to repair your garage door by yourself? There few things you should know, whether it is a garage door repair in Brooklyn New York, an Overhead door in NYC, or a Commercial garage door repair in Staten Island: Overhead garage door can be dangerous, and should be repaired by a professional garage door technician.
Do it yourself garage door repair
When we are searching the web for a do it yourself garage door repair, and we watch Videos on Youtube, it make us feel that it will be easy to repair our garage door in Brooklyn without the assistance of a trained garage door technician.
What the Videos don’t tell you, is that there are few thing you should consider before you go ahead and purchase the parts that you need to fix the broken door? We would like to go over few things that you must ask yourself:

  1. Do you know for sure what the problem is? Many times it may seem to you that the problem is due to a motor malfunction, when it actually may be a mechanism problem. And even if it seem to you like the one of the springs snapped, it may actually happen due to a different reason.
    But besides repairing the problem, it is also important to locate the reason to the problem, and solve it as well. You probably don’t want the problem to happen again soon.
  2. Do you know exactly what part you need? For the unprofessional eye, all the garage door spring may look the same, and one can mistakenly think that replacing a spring with a similar spring will do the job. But it does not work this way in the real life, out of the virtual world: You must find exactly the spring that will fit the door, and we got news for you, the size of the old spring won’t necessarily fit your door, things the weight of your garage door may have changed over the years. Beside the fact that the door will not work, Using the wrong spring can be dangerous, and can lead to serious injuries.
  3. Do you have the tools for the repair? If you decided to repair your garage door by yourself, instead using the service of a garage door repairman in Brooklyn, you better make sure that you have the right tools for the job. Using an improvised toll, instead of torsion spring for example, may lead to bad results and even injuries.
  4. Do you have the knowledge? Repairing a garage door require certain knowledge, and understanding of the garage door mechanism. If you will touch, lose, cut or release the wrong part, it may be dangerous.

As you can see, repairing a garage door by yourself is something that can be done, but at the same time can be dangerous. When you are watching the Videos on you tube, that explain how to repair a broken garage door, you are learning how to repair a certain problem at a certain garage door, but most chances are that your garage door is different, and it may require different techniques for the repair.

Snap spring repairs

Garage door problems

There are many problems that can accrue while we are using our garage door. Being the largest moving object in our house, the garage door can weight hundreds of pounds, and when it is being used on a daily base, sometime few times a day, it is only a matter of time before the door will need some service such as repair or maintenance.
From a safety sensor problem, to extension spring that snapped, through out of track, opener repair, broken pulley, broken roller, hit by a car, bended section and much more, it is almost impossible to determine what the problem is before examine the door. The best advice we can give, is whenever your garage door break, stop using it, and contact us for a same day garage door repair in Brooklyn New York.

Our Garage Door Repair Service in Brooklyn:

  • 24/7 emergency repair service for garage doors and in Brooklyn New York.
  • Garage door repair service for all models.
  • Free phone consultation.
  • Fair prices for every job - Repair or installation.
  • Licensed and experienced technicians, who performed hundreds of garage doors projects in Brooklyn.
  • High quality garage doors parts designed for the American standard.
  • Garage door springs repair Brooklyn.
  • Garage door safety sensors repair/replacement.
  • Out of track garage door repair.
  • Garage door panel replacement.
  • Garage door opener repair.
  • Garage door cables replacement.
  • Garage doors Hinge replacement.
  • And much more..


Important!!! If your garage door is broken, or if you think that there is something wrong with the way it is working, or if it is making strange noises, we highly advise you to stop using the door, and to contact a garage door repair in Brooklyn. Not only that using a broken garage door cause a bigger problem, but a broken garage door can be dangerous to you, and to those who come near it.


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  • Our Garage Door Repair Service in Brooklyn Includes:
    • 24-7 garage doors repair service in Brooklyn.
    • Real person customer service.
    • Garage doors springs repair/replace.
    • Safety sensors repair/installation.
    • Garage doors maintenance service (recommended every 6 months)
    • Garage doors safety sensors (repair/replace)
    • Out of track garage door repair.
    • Garage door panel replacement.
    • Garage door opener repair Brooklyn.
    • Garage door cables replacement.
    • Garage doors Hinge replacement.
    • Noisy garage door.
    • And much more.


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  • Garage Door Repair Tips
    • Noisy Garage Door Repair
      If your garage door is making a strange noise, it probably mean that you did not perform the every 6 months maintenance for the garage door. There are few reasons for a noisy garage door: from rusty garage door parts, to an old spring or rollers which need to be replaced. In that case you need to repair or replace the damaged parts, and perform a general maintenance to the garage door, to avoid other problems in the future. The garage door maintenance isn’t complicated, and can be done by any trained garage door tech. Not only that the garage door maintenance is going to improve the way your garage door operate, the maintenance is a great opportunity to examine the garage door parts, and to ensure that the garage door is safe for use. For garage door maintenance in Brooklyn, please contact us, and we will gladly perform the maintenance for you.

    • Safety Sensor Repair
      Sometimes a garage door is closing only half way, and then reversing to open position (In some openers, this problem is followed by a flickering light from the garage door motor, which tell you that there is something wrong), or doesn't close at all. The problem may be in the garage doors sensors, or at the parts such as the spring. If it is the safety sensors, sometime it can be easily repaired, just by placing the sensor which moved back to the right position (in case the sensor was accidently pushed). If the problem is within the mechanism of the garage door, the best thing for you to do will be to contact a garage door repairer, to come and solve the problem.

    • Out Of Track Garage Door
      If you garage door is out of the track, no matter what the reason is, we highly recommend you not to try and put it back yourself. There is a reason why the garage door is out of track, and if the problem will not be solved by a garage door technician, it will happen again, and might be dangerous! Even if you can push roller back into the track, it does not mean that you repaired the problem, and it most likely happen again in the future, and when it will happen again, not only that the damage may be bigger, but it can also be dangerous.

    • Garage Door Tip

      A problem which seem like coming from the garage door opener, can often point to a different problem, such as a broken spring, or other garage door problem which require a repair. As we explain HERE, the opener only do small part of the garage door lifting, while the spring are doing the majority of the opening and closing, so if one of the springs, or another garage door part is broken, the door won’t work properly, and so will the opener, and it may seem to you like there is an opener problem when there is no opener problem, but other part which need repairs.


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  • We will fix your garage door today!

    We can fix all types of garage doors in New York. To us it won’t matter if your commercial overhead door spring snapped, if your Lift master opener is not responding, if your roll door doesn’t go down, or if you backed into the garage door. We can fix all garage door problems, and all types of overhead doors in New York.
    With our same day service, and since we carry with us all kinds of parts, we can repair your broken garage door today. We got torsion springs for heavy duty projects, and ½ H.P openers for residential doors. From Amarr overhead doors repairs, to Clopay doors, no repairs are too complicated for us.



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