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When you are looking to install a new gate, there are many different variables that you should consider before you decide, which one is the best gate for you. Most of the time, there are many options and designs for new gates, that you didn't even think to consider. This is one of the many reasons you need a consultation from a professional gate installer, which can bring all the options that will help you to choose the right gate for you. There are many questions need to be answered when choosing a new gate, and before making a decision, it is good to research, and learn about roll up gates in Brooklyn New York. In this post we will try and help you get a better idea a about roll up gates installation, which are the best roll up gates, which are the stronger, which are the gates that you should avoid, and which steel gates are the gates that can still work and protect your business even after 50 years or more.
From sliding gate installation, through commercial rolling gate, to roll down door in Brooklyn, we got it all. Our team of gate repair and installation technicians, will do their best, to help you find the right gate for you. Because we, at Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates, Know that when it come to a new gate installation, it is important for us that you will get the gate that will provide you with the security that every good gate should. But at the same time, you would like to avoid problems, since a stuck roll up gate in New York mean loss of time and money, and this is something everybody would prefer to avoid.

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Reliable steel gate installer

Ask any business owner in Brooklyn, and they all will tell you that a good and secure business can save a lot of money, time and frustration. That is why a good, smoothly working rolling gate is so important. And we like to think that a good gate start from using good materials. Not once we are getting calls from business owners in Brooklyn, who can't close their store at the end of the day, or can't open it in the morning. That is the reason why a good rolling gate installation include 2 important parts: a good professional gate technician to perform the installation job, and a high quality parts, that will ensure a strong gate that will work perfectly for many years. If you own a store in Brooklyn, and you are looking to install a new store front gate, aim for quality. You may be able to save some money by purchasing the lowest quality roll up gate, but you will end up paying more than double over the years when you will constantly need a roll up gate technician to fix the gate. As we all know, quality cost money, and investing in high quality rolling gate installation, will be worth it eventually.

Quality Steel Gates in Brooklyn

We believe in quality, because when we install a quality gate, we are adding another person to the list of satisfied customers who will recommend about our services to other people who need gate service, whether they need someone to fix a rolling gate in Staten Island, or to install a new garage door in Westchester County. A good rolling gate, which was made from strong materials, can last more than 2o years, and even more. So when you invest in quality parts and operator, it may seem to you that you are paying more than you would of pay for the cheap gates, but when one day, after 10 years you will look at your gate, and think that the gate is still working like it worked the day it was installed, you will know that quality is always the best choice.

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Rolling Gate Operator, yes or no?

We are being asked many times if it will be best for us to install an electric gate in Brooklyn, or a manual push up gate. And to answer that, you should ask yourself few questions:

  • What is the purpose of the rolling gate?
  • How often will you use the gate?
  • Where the gate is located?
  • What kind of gate you got installed?
  • Is there electricity outlet?

Those is just a partial list of questions, and of course that there are cases when there is no question whether to install a motor (Like an entrance to a parking lot gate), or not to install (No electricity outlet). If you have any questions, we welcome you to contact us for a free phone consultation, on your way to a new gate. We have supplied and installed many steel gates and operators in Brooklyn New York, and we are ready for ant project, small or big, simple or complicated. It can be a commercial rolling gate repair, or residential Iron Gate repair in Brooklyn, we can help. We supply and install many types of steel gates in Brooklyn, and we have successfully completed many projects, always to the satisfaction of all our customers. You can read about our customer’s reviews on Google, and see that when it comes to being professional, Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates is #1.

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Gtae installation & Maintenance

It can be anew roll up gate that was recently installed, or a roll up door of a forefront that was installed many years ago, every rolling steel gate in Brooklyn New York need to be maintained, greased and tunes. Many times the problem that prevent the roll up gate from working properly is simply lack of maintenance. The problem is that the need for maintenance rise only when it is too late to perform the maintenance, and a repair need to be performed first. The need for repair could be prevented by simple maintain the roll up gate on time. The maintenance, which is not a complicated process, can make the difference between a roll up gate that will work perfectly for many years, and a gate that will need to be repaired. Sometime we use our roll up gate few times a day, and if we assume that you open and close your gate 10 times a day, one for open and one for closing the gate, and multiple it by 365, it means that you use your gate approximately 7,300 times a year. If you think about it, you will probably figure the need for maintenance by yourself.
Do not assume that if you own a new rolling steel gate in Brooklyn, which was recently installed, you are free from the need of greasing the gate. As you probably know, the weather in Brooklyn New York isn’t friendly to the steel gates and to their parts, and only maintaining the gate and greasing it will ensure that the gate will continue to work for many years.
At the same time, keep in mind that greasing a roll up gate isn’t replacement for repair. If you gate is stuck, broken, or even of the gate is off tracks, greasing it is not going to solve the problem. You will have the repair it first.

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Repair or install a new gate?

This is one of the most common questions we are being ask while servicing rolling gates in Brooklyn. And to answer this questions, one of our rolling gate technicians need to visit the site, examine the broken gate, and get to the conclusion if the gate should be repaired or replaced. We install and repair gates in Brooklyn New York. Sometime we recommend to replace the gate, sometime we simply repair it, even if it means replacing parts.
It can be a broken spring, a broken roll up gate operator, or even replacing broken slats. But there are few reasons that will make us recommend to replace the gate and install a new roll up gate:

  • The gate is not safe for use: If the gate isn’t safe for use, or if repairing the gate mean that it will not be 100% safe for use, we will not fix it. And we recommend you to accept this approach. It can be a broken overhead garage door in the Bronx, or a broken roll up gate Brooklyn, broken gate which isn’t safe for use should be replaced.
  • Repairing will cost as much as a new gate: Unless there are specific reasons, if repairing the current gate will cost as much, or almost as much as a new gate, we will recommend to replace the gate.

There are many more reasons that can lead us to recommend to install a new gate in Brooklyn, but the 2 we just mentioned are the leading reasons. Like we explained earlier in this post, if you choose to install a new rolling gate, aim for the quality steel gates, since they will remain for many years. We offer high quality steel gates repair and installation in Brooklyn, commercial and residential, and we will always perform a professional installation. Steel gates and overhead doors in what we do, and we always try to improve and to maintain our reputation as one of the best garage doors and gates companies in New York.

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Which rolling gate to install

There are many rolling gates in Brooklyn New York. There are heavy duty commercial roll up gates, like warehouse roll up gate, there are small one door roll down doors, there are storefront roll up gates, there are see-through gates, and more. If there is one thing that all rolling steel gates in New York has in common it is the need for security. Everybody want their security steel gate to be strong and reliable, and to make sure that the store or the business where it is installed will remain secured. And the way to get a strong gate that will secure a business is very simple: Invest in quality, and hire a professional qualified and trained technician for the installation.
Do not be lured by promises for new gate installation in Brooklyn for 99$. A commercial gate in Brooklyn that cost 99$, will probably last for 99 hours. There is no magic, quality cost money. Whether to invest in quality, or to aim for the cheapest possible option is up to you. But our recommendations for people who plan to install new rolling steel gate in Brooklyn will be to invest in quality.

Steel Gate Installation Brooklyn NY

If you are located in Brooklyn, and you are looking for a new steel gate installation, you got to the right place. We supply, install and maintain all kinds of steel gates in Brooklyn New York. We can perform commercial as well as residential projects. We believe that when you are a pro, you need to have the ability to deal with any type of project. It can be a commercial rolling gate in Williamsburg New York, residential gate in Borough park, or a store front gate in Bay Ridge. Contact us today, and get the right gate from the right company.

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