Overhead door or roll up gate?

Is it a garage door or a rolling gate?

Roll Up Door is a general name that include many different variations of doors and gates. “Roll-Up-door” is often used to describe a roll up gate, a roll down door, overhead garage door, rolling gate, rolling doors and more. So the first thing you should do, to understand what kind of service you need, and answer the basic question: What kind of roll door do I have”? Is it a roll up door, or an overhead door? We will try to help you and determine if you own an overhead door or a roll up door/gate.

Do I have an overhead door or a gate?

They are not the same. And sometime there is a roll up door used to close a garage, and although it is being used and a door for the garage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an “over-the-head” door. The best way to explain the differences between them will be to use the help of images, which after looking at them is going make it much easier to learn the difference between them.

Here is an example of 3 different kinds of overhead doors (garage doors)

Examples of overhead garage doors in Brooklyn New York

And here are 3 examples of roll up gates/doors

Examples of rolling gates in brooklyn New York

As you can see they are different from each other, and require different parts, tools, and knowledge. Although we repair and install bot kinds of doors in Brooklyn New York, it is important that we will know what kind of door or gate you own, so we will bring the right tools and parts with us, and that we will send you the right technician.
In most cases, we can repair the problem at first appointment, and we allow you to go back to use a working and safe to use door. But in some cases, especially when the case is a commercial door or gate, that we need to get the part for the repair, so we will give you a temporary repair, and we will return with the missing part can complete the job.

Do I need an overhead door or a roll up gate?

There are different cases, and there are different solutions, that a professional technician can help you make the right decision when purchasing a new roll up gate in NYC. But at the same time, there are cases when even the best roll up gate technician in New York cannot install an overhead door, since it just impossible due to different limitations, and a roll up gate will be the only option.
Another important thing is the restrictions that some Neighborhoods in NYC may apply. If you are planning to install a roll up gate in a residential area, make sure it allowed in your area first, so you will not find yourself facing a new gate or door that need to be removed.
The most common places in New York where you can see rolling gates in NYC is at the store’s front. Most stores in NYC use a rolling gate to lock their business. The rolling gate has man qualities which make them to the perfect solution to lock a business in New York. Since like their name they are rolling up, they take no space that a “regular” swing gate or door would of take. Once the gate is open, it stay up and free the space that a door or a swing gate would take.



What kind of roll up gate do I need?

To answer this question, we need to know what the purpose of the gate is, and where you are planning to install it. If you will walk the streets of NYC late at night, when most stores closed their doors, you will see the endless amount of rolling gates, and you will see that they are custom made to fit the need of the owner, and to fit the demands of the safety rules in New York. There are solid roll up gates, “see-through” rolling gates, grill gates, electric gates, push up gates, window gates and more. If you are thinking about installing a new roll up door, there are many companies in NYC which can assist you making the right decision. One of them is “Doctor Gate”, who offer same day service for all kinds of gates in New York.
But if we need to give you one advice, it will be to purchase a high quality rolling gate. Since you do not want to deal with a new gate installation in the next 20 years, and for sure you do not want to come to your business one day and to find that you cannot open the gate because it is made from cheap materials, you better consider installing a strong and reliable gate.
Rolling gates/door kinds:

  • Solid rolling gate.
  • See through rolling gate.
  • Electric rolling gate.
  • Push-up gate.
  • Grill roll up gate.
  • Commercial roll up gate.

We offer same day repair service for rolling gates in Brooklyn. We got the knowledge and the experience to perform all kinds of gates repairs, and since we understand how important it is for you to get your roll door fixed ASAP, we will be there today.

What kind of overhead door do I need?

When it comes to overhead doors in Brooklyn New York, you got to the right place. Because high quality overhead doors in Brooklyn is our goal. Like many things in life, many times you are thinking “what will be the best thing for me to do”? Should I purchase the cheapest and the lower quality option, or should I purchase the one which is more expensive, but from a better quality? And when it comes to garage doors, we have one answer to the question: Always aim for the best. And not only that we recommend to aim for high quality, we have stopped installing overhead doors from law quality. Since we put our name and our reputation on every new installation, and since we had many issues with the cheap doors in the past, we decided to stop sell and install them.
But before you decide that you want to install a new overhead door – if it is a new installation and no door was installed before – make sure that it is possible to install it. In some cases it may be impossible to perform the installation for different limitations such as the height of the ceiling, or object located at the doors path such as pipes, electricity line and more.
Roll up gates and door safety
There is one rule, which apply to all kinds of overhead doors and gates, whether it is a garage door in Maryland, or a garage door service in Westchester New York: A broken, damaged, out of track, bended, or problematic door shouldn’t be operate, and should be repaired before using it again.
We know as a fact that some people prefer to look the other way when a problem accrue, hoping it will go away the same way it appeared, or thinking that they will find better time to deal with it. But the truth is that the problem will not go away, and the problem will only get worse, but more important than that, the use of a broken door or gate is dangerous, and can lead to serious injuries, and in some cases even death.
If we will take an overhead door for example, that weight 500 Pounds. If one of the sides fell of the tracks, and you will try to make it work, it can easily completely fell of the tracks. And when such a heavy door fell, it can crash everything below it.
Another option is the one of the garage door springs snapped, and the door is only working with one spring. Not only that the door is out of balance, and not only that using it with one spring can burn the opener, the door may come down in such a speed that can leave you shocked, since there is no spring to counter it and to make it come down slowly.

If you are not sure if you need to repair to replace your overhead door, check out Repair or Replace" by Matalonco Garage Doors.



Should I try and repair the roll door by myself?

We cannot answer this question, since it depend on many parameters:

  • What exactly the problem is?
  • What is your knowledge of the roll door and the way they operate?
  • Is it an electric door?
  • Do you have tools to perform the repair?
  • Do you have the parts for the repair?
  • Are you experienced in repairing doors?

In general, we can say that there are some repairs that can be done in Do It Yourself way. But for the commercial overhead doors and gates, we recommend that you will contact a professional technician to perform the repair for you.
Check out this do-it-yourself overhead door repair article.

Does overhead doors and roll gates need maintenance?

Yes. And not only that they need to be maintained, the maintenance should be done twice a year. This is the only way to make sure that they are safe for use, and that they will go on and operate in a safe way for a long time. The maintenance improve the way they move, and protect the parts.
The overhead garage door is different from the rolling gate maintenance, and you can visit our pages explaining how to maintain each one of them.

Garage doors and gates BK

Ignoring the need for the maintenance, will cost you expensive time and money in the long run. Because a garage door or a gate which wasn’t maintained, is more likely to get stuck, become noisy, and fragile.

Roll up doors service in Brooklyn New York

Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates offer same day service for all kinds of rolling gates and overhead garage doors in Brooklyn New York. We repair residential garage doors, commercial rolling gates and more. We offer locksmith services, welding services and more, to solve any problem you may have.
Our services in Brooklyn:

  • Overhead door repairs.
  • Rolling gate repair.
  • Roll-up door repairs.
  • Roll down doors repair.
  • Grill gate repairs.
  • Electric gate repairs.
  • Swing gate repair.
  • Sliding gate repairs.
  • Commercial garage door repair.
  • Commercial gate repair.
  • Same day repair!


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