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Brooklyn garage doors and gates provide residential garage doors service in Brooklyn New York. Whether you need a garage door repair, or a garage door installation, you got to the right place. From broken garage door spring repair, to garage door opener installation, we are here for you. Among other services, we offer garage door tune up, which include garage door lubrication, opener adjustment spring adjustment and garage door inspection. It is important that you will provide the garage door with a maintenance service at least twice a year, to make sure that the door will continue to work, and to maintain its parts.

Residential Garage Door Installation

We, at Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates, know how important for you and for your family, to have a garage door door you can rely on and that functions perfectly whenever you need it. We offer a large variety of residential garage doors, so you can find the perfect garage door, one that will work for many years in a perfect and silent way, like every garage door should.
Every garage door installation in Brooklyn, start from 2 basic things: Using a high quality garage doors and parts, and a professional garage door contractor to perform the installation. Because a garage door replacement is something you need to do once, and not to repeat it. One of the most frustrating things, is to install a new garage door, just to find out after few weeks that the door is stuck, and need to be fixed.
Brooklyn Garage Doors And gates, offer high quality residential garage doors, from leading garage doors makers, such as Amarr Garage Doors, Wayne Dalton Garage Doors, and more, Because we know that when we install a new garage door, we put our name on the installation, and we have a reputation that we would like to maintain.

Residential garage door Brooklyn New York

Residential Garage Door Repair

No matter if it is a residential overhead garage door, or a commercial heavy duty garage door, every garage door that is stuck, out of track, noisy, or any other kind of garage door problem, should not be used, until it is tested by a professional garage door contractor, that repaired the problem. One of the common problems, is a broken garage door spring. No matter if it is a torsion spring, or a broken extension spring, a good contractor can fix it, and bring the door back on track. It is important to note, that every garage door (with extension springs), should have safety cables installed. Although the safety cables are not a necessity to the garage door function, it is important to have them installed in case the spring, which carry lot of tension, will break. In that case, the safety cables will provide protection from the broken spring, to people or objects which located close to the door.

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    Take a look at our garage doors coupons page, and find the right coupon for your next garage door job. We offer discount coupons for residential garage door repair and installation in Brooklyn NY.

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    We provide free phone consultation for all kinds of residential garage doors repair and installation, helping you to choose the right garage door for your house, or to assist you with any problem you may have.]
    Again, if you think that there is something wrong with your garage door, you should stop using it, until a professional garage door contractor will come and inspect it.

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