Garage Door Opener Repair Brooklyn NY

Garage Door Opener Repair Brooklyn NY

By Brooklyn Garage Doors & Gates

A garage door opener, from leading garage door opener brand, which was correctly installed by a professional technician, should work perfectly for many years. There are many kinds garage door openers in the market, each company claim to be the company which supply the best garage doors openers. We are not here to decide which company is the best, but we know which company is the best, and this is the company we choose to work with. If a new opener was installed in your garage door in Brooklyn, but for some reason the opener stopped working after few months, and need to be repaired, there are 2 options: The installer did not do a professional job, or the operator has a problem. But no worries, not every broken opener, that need to be repaired, mean that it is time to get a new opener. It only mean that it is time to contact a company in Brooklyn that fix broken garage door opener.

Opener in Brooklyn

Not every garage door need an opener. There are many parameters you should consider before installing a new operator, or when you decide to replace your garage door with a new door, and you are not sure if to buy a new opener as well. You should ask yourself: Do i need an opener? How often am i going to use the garage door? Who is going to use the door? What kind of operator should i buy?

We are here to help you make the right decisions. Whether you need a belt drive operator, a screw drive operator, or a chain drive operator, a 3/4 Horsepower Opener, a 1 Horsepower Opener, a battery backup, how many remotes, and much more. The knowledge we acquired during years in the garage door repair filed, is going to help us, to help you making the right decision, on your way to a new garage door operator.

New Opener Installation Brooklyn NY

One of the most important things, when it comes to garage door opener repair and installation is safety. The Federal law mandates every garage door openers to include safety features to prevent the garage doors from hitting objects in their paths. One of the ways, is to install safety sensors, that their job is to make sure that if the door is on its way down, and someone, or something is breaking the beam, the door won't close, and by that prevent hurting people or objects. It can be garage door opener repair Staten Island New York, or garage door repair in Bay Ridge, every automated garage door that operate with electric opener must include safety sensors.

Lift Master Opener Repair in Brooklyn New York

When you see, repair and maintain garage door openers in a daily base in NYC, you learn a lot of the garage door openers and their capabilities. You learn which openers last 20 years and more, which openers need maintenance very often, and you learn that some manufactures make it complicated to install a new opener, and some try to simplify things, so you can easily contact a garage door supplier in Brooklyn New York, buy an opener, and watch a Video that explain how to install the opener by yourself.
Our preferred openers, whether it is a chain drive or quiet belt drive is the openers from Lift Master. They offer openers which are strong and reliable, and that can serve you for many years. There are not the easiest to install, but once you completed the installation, and synched the opener with its accessories and of course with the laser safety sensors, all that left for you to do is to start using one of the best openers in the industry this days.


If you live in Brooklyn, and you are interested in replacing your garage door opener with a new opener, or if your garage door opener is broken, or if you are not sure what you should do, do not hesitate, and contact us. After years of garage door service in Brooklyn, there is no garage door problem that we cannot solve. Our team of experienced garage doors technicians, have successfully performed hundreds of garage doors repair and installation services in Brooklyn and the area, and will be happy to assist you with any garage door problem.

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Garage door opener Brooklyn:

  • Emergency repair service for all garage doors openers.
  • Safety garage doors sensors repair.
  • Free phone consultation regarding any garage door question.
  • Fair prices for every opener job- Repair or installation.
  • Licensed and experienced technicians, who performed hundreds of garage doors openers projects.
  • High quality garage door openers designed for the American standard.
  • Garage Door Opener Adjustments.
  • Garage door opener repair.
  • Garage Door Opener Replacement.
  • But before everything else -Safety!


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  • Safety Warning!!! Click Here
    If your garage door opener stopped working, or if you think that the opener, or any other part of the garage door have a problem, is not working perfectly, or if the door is making strange noises, you must stop using the garage door! If you continue to use the door, not only that you may cause a bigger damage, but you should know that a garage door with a problem can be dangerous to you, or to the people who use the door or come near it.
  • Manual Use And Opener

    If you garage door is not working properly when it is being used manually, it shouldn’t be used with the help of an electric opener.  The opener is only doing a small amount of lifting the door, and it is not a replacement for the spring system. Before you install a new opener, or before you are connecting the door to an opener, first make sure that the door is working in a smooth way.


    The garage door safety sensors can be the reason for many problems, but at the same time they can save life. Removing the safety sensors, or trying to bypass them is both dangerous and illegal! When they are installed correctly, there is no reason for them to stop working or to be the cause for any issues.
    If you are experiencing issues, and need some help, check out our safety sensors troubleshooting page.