Garage Door troubleshooting Brooklyn

Garage Door troubleshooting Brooklyn

Below we present you with some of the common garage door problems that we face almost on a daily bases. Please note, the answers written bellow are just a suggestion, and cannot replace the opinion if a trained garage door tech who come to your place and inspect the door.

Question: The motorized garage door is closing half way, and then reversing to open position. What is wrong with my garage door?
Answer: Most likely that you have a problem with your safety sensors. If there is an object blocking the invisible laser beam between the sensors, if your safety sensors aren’t aligned and facing each other, or if the cable which connect the sensors to the garage door motor is disconnected, the motor won’t close the door. Make sure that no one accidently moved one of the sensors, and that they are facing each other. If the problem is not solved by adjusting the sensors, please contact us, and we will repair it for you.

Question: The garage door is only open half way and stop, what is wrong with it?
Answer: There are few possibilities that can lead to that, but the most common one is a broken spring, or a spring that need to be adjust. The garage door spring is under a lot of tension, and the breaking spring, and the garage door itself can be dangerous, and should not be used until a trained garage door repairman will replace the broken spring, or adjust the existing one. We offer same day garage door repair Brooklyn New York, including broken garage door spring repair.

Question: Why the garage door is making strange noises?
Answer: If your garage door started to make strange noises, it usually mean that there is a problem with one or more parts of the garage door (and it also indicate that you probably ignored the need for garage door maintenance). In many cases, replacing the rollers and lubricating the garage door can solve the problem. In general, a yearly maintenance should cover the need for maintenance, and if needed, it include rollers replacement. Whether it is a garage door maintenance in Brooklyn New York, or overhead door tune up in Mount Vernon New York, every garage door need to be tuned.

Question: What is the price of a new garage door?
Answer: We always answer the same way to that question – if you will tell us what is the price of a new car, we will tell you the price of a new garage door…
To be serious, the garage door prices are ranging between 200$-100,000$, it all depend on the size, the kind, the installation, yes opener, no window, insulated, material, etc… But what we can say, is that a good garage door installation include a high quality garage door, and since a high quality garage door should last for many years, we recommend you to invest some more money, and get a high quality garage door, from the kind that will serve you for many years.

Question: My garage door opener does not work, what is wrong with it?
Answer: There are many reasons that can lead to a garage door opener that does not work properly. It is hard for us to try and figure the problem without inspecting the opener, and locate the problem. From safety sensor problem, to a gear problem, to a broken spring or torn cable which affect the way the opener work. If there is one thing we can recommend you, is that if there is a problem with your garage door opener, avoid using the garage door, since it can lead to a bigger damage. (Sometime the opener is disengaged from the carriage, and although everything is fine, and there is no problem with the opener, the garage door itself doesn’t move. If that is the case, all you need to do is to reengage the opener, and the door will work again).

Question: My garage door is out of track, what should I do?
Answer: There are many reasons that can lead to an out of track garage door. The most important thing, is to stop using the door, and to avoid forcing the garage door back into track, since that can be dangerous and can cause a greater damage. It may seem easy to push the roller back into the track, but by doing that you did not solve the reason that lead to an out of track garage door. But no need to worry, we offer a 24-7 emergency garage door repair in Brooklyn NY, so you know that no matter what time or what day, someone will always be there for you.

Question: When my garage door is released, it fall, what should I do?
Answer: A good garage door, which is correctly balanced, should stay at the same position by the force of the springs. If your garage door is falling down, most likely that you need some adjustment or spring replacement. Maybe now it is time to make it clear that the force which make it easy to lift the heavy door, or the force which prevent the door from crashing into the floor is not the garage door motor, but the garage door spring system.

Question: One of the springs broke, what should I do?
Answer: A broken garage door spring is a common problem, and should be repaired by a trained repairman. Do not try and use the garage door, since you will only increase the damage. If it is torsion spring system, we can only recommend you to avoid the DIY, explanations you can find online, since it is a dangerous project which require special tools, and require more knowledge than what you can find online. Every garage door is unique, and your garage door will probably be different from the one you will find on the DIY YouTube.
If you are looking for someone to replace your broken garage door spring, we are here for you, we offer broken garage door spring repair in Brooklyn and the area. And we will be happy to add you to our long list of satisfied customers, who knows that when it comes to garage door service in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates is the answer.


Please note, a broken garage door, whether it is a broken spring, a noisy garage door or a broken opener should not be operate, and should be inspected and repaired by a trained repairman. Using a broken garage door, will probably lead to a bigger problem, and can even be dangerous.


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